The comfortable and efficient distribution put together the wide columns with the working tops, emphasising the wideness, at the same time that helps accessibility and gives an important aesthetic and visual lightness.

The retractable doors offer a complete access to all the interiors, enhanced by the use of the same material as the fronts.

The front doors fold in the middle during the opening, offering a great access to the interior of the module. The doors made of black anodised aluminium with smoked glass let you see the content. The interior is of anthracite colour.

We only use tempered or security glass like laminated ones that allow a use of the kitchen with all the security that we need in our home.
The foldable vertically upward door: the intermediate clip-top hinge with its innovative cut circuit technique, avoids the trapping of fingers between both doors.

The use of drawers with great capacity provides an extra storage space that our interior designers optimize.

The exclusive Gococi bread bin is a practical solution in the way that its reduced dimensions allow its installation in drawers, barely reducing their capacity.

The different measures of the wooden bins allow a wide range of combinations to adjust to the different measures of the drawers. Moreover, they have handles for a better mobility.

The versatility of the big capacity bins allows their use for recycling as well as storage.

The retractable plug is the combination of functional design and precision mechanics. It comes up with a light pressure offering the possibility of connecting up to 4 appliances. When not used, it hides under the worktop leaving it free of obstacles.