An essential design, enriched by technical and functional details, gives as a result a kitchen with a character and nice atmosphere.

The integrated handles of sober and minimalist lines, unnoticeable at first sight, give simplicity and practicality.

Our wide interior design project helps to the organization and order, making the most of the available space.

To make the access to the cutlery drawer easier , the base drawer has a front connection , in such a way that when you open the base drawer, this one brings the other one together, and pressing gently gets loosed to allow access to the underneath drawer.

Our interior design is treated with oil that is free of VOC volatile organic compounds in accordance with food use, with the Eurofins Gold certification, which guarantees the most demanding requirements and emission specifications in Europe.

The display with interior drawers helps the tidy storage, as well as a total access and visibility of the content.

The variety of modules of our library lets us offer multiple solutions with an optimum accessibility and use of space.

The upper installation of the rubbish bins improves the ergonomics by reducing the space of movements.