The ergonomic distribution around the isles reduces the walking among the different working areas and at the same time makes the kitchen and the dining room a whole space.

The possibility of using the same material in the kitchen and the auxiliary cupboards helps the integration of the different atmospheres in the home.

The decorative elements are not only functional but reflect the taste for the detail.

The reinterpretation of the classicism goes much further than the kitchen design in a traditional sense and offers a wide range of interpretations. It allows the combination of different styles to create harmonic compositions by means of the fusion of traditional and modern values.

The “cassieteras” are the ideal complement for our cutlery drawers. They are made of solid wood and curved in the same shape of the included cookery tools in a tidy and functional way making the most of the given space.

It is comfortable and practical to have all the rubbish containers in the same module, helping the classification of the waste for its further recycling.