4650 Due / 3050 Parma / 7502 Rubí Negro

Refined composition characterised by the use of pure lines and simple, geometrical volumes, that give great formal and structural purity, highlighting the aesthetic value of the used materials, at the same time that they extent their habitability to the rest of the home.

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8050 Inversa / 5183 Tecno

The kitchen is a clear example of the much appreciated functionality and lightness, achieved by the absence of handles and the reflection of the light on the glasses, reinforcing the luminosity of the space and the aesthetic purity of the composition.

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9512 Época SR

The rising of the Classicism offers the opportunity of a new study that joins the fusion of the classical style with today´s design and technology.

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6910 Orla

This project is defined by pure aesthetics and the exceptional versatility of the composition. The possibility of integrating different materials gives as a result original solutions in which a solid technical component joins to a wide range of interpretations.

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8525 Bullcan / 6910 Orla

The combination of framed doors, inherited from the classical style, fused with the pure lines of today´s design, together with the contrast of different textures give as a result an atmosphere with a strong character. The wood gives warmth, to create a nice space with reminiscences of the past in a sophisticated and contemporary room.

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8050 Inversa

The variety of surfaces and the chromatic uniformity is characterized by a timeless aesthetic, the diversity of solutions and the minimalist elegant design.

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9100 Zhen

Surfaces of absolute simplicity and refined geometrical volumes for a space that balances a simple aesthetic with an exceptional comfort.

The integrated handle, articulated under the fronts of the bottom modules, is the piece that characterises as the distinctive element, giving a visual rhythm to the compositions.

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5183 Tecno / 3105 Nodum

Contemporary and cosmopolitan project, which combines compositional flexibility and maximum functionality around the island that extra walking and promotes the ergonomics of movements.

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4650 Due / 1215 Beta

Simple furniture accentuated by the stylistic values provided by the pleasant combination of colors and finishes, where the hidden handles gives a pure and clean aesthetic.

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