Gococi´s commitment to technological advances, makes that all the materials have a very high performance. In this respect, we cannot say that one is better than the other.

In the same way, there are properties and characteristics that will make you decide on one material over the other.


Waterproof board composed by wood particles ironed and glued with thermosetting pastes, covered on both sides by two coats of kraft paper impregnated with melamine resins and edged in ABS of 1 mm and anti-humidity sealing.

This synthetic surface is hard and resistant to breakage, scratch and wear. For this reason it is being used since decades in the manufacturing of furniture.

1312 blanco súper

1328 caramelo

1342 gris albo

1357 gris atacama

1443 azul urbano

1722 antracita

1566 roble valquiria

1753 nogal real

1578 fresno addas

1582 nogal moed

1591 roble delnas

1626 mármol negro


Board made of particles, with both sides stratified in high pressure laminate HLP, composed by phenolic resins as a base and the decorative and wear layers are saturated with thermosetting melamine resins of between 0,8 and 1,2 mm thick, with edges in ABS and anti-humidity sealing.

2630 Blanco brillo

3251 Olmo natural

3247 Nogal tostado

3517 roble carbón

3527 roble retro

4536 wengué oro

5183 TECNO

The outer surface is made by applying the nanotechnology, characterised by the use of acrylic resins that are hardened and impregnated  with colour through the “Electron Beam Curing” process.

Highly resistant to scratch, abrasion, wear and dry heat. Good resistance to knocks, acid solvents and chemical reagents of domestic use. Its reinforced anti-bacteria property makes this surface hygienic, good for the contact with food and easy to clean.It´s also water-proof and mould-preventing.

Extraordinary matt in colour, no-fingermark, nice and soft to touch, with an excellent intensity and deepness of colour, this material offers  avant-garde technological features: antistatic, of high durability, with stability to light and dimensions in case of a high variation in temperature.

Thanks to the nanotechnology, it´s able to regenerate itself of possible micro scratches by a process of thermic reparation.

5632 Blanco algodón

5640 Sésamo

5645 gris guijarro

5649 Verde Selva

5650 Azul marino

5652 gris lava

5653 Negro


Glass is a must in the kitchens of today, as much for its painstakingly aesthetic as for its hygiene. And although at the beginning, they imply a risk because of its fragility, to avoid it, we take the necessary measures which allow the use of the kitchen with all the security that our home must offer.

The vitrified decorative finish and lacobel of our catalogue have a vinyl adhered to their back side that minimizes the risk of breakage. Once the damage is done, the glass would remain adhered to the vinyl, avoiding possible accidents. Besides the vinyl protects against early wear.

207 Transparente

205 Mate ácido

206 secular

208 Micropunto

209 Ahumado

214 listado vertical

215 Bronce reflex

201 Lacobel extra claro

202 Lacobel gris

226 Lacobel moka

212 Lacobel negro


The modern techniques in manufacturing have allowed the use of this highly tested natural material in kitchens. It´s a homogeneous timeless material. Its hygienic surface is resistant to UV radiation, heat, scratch as well as wear and chemical products.

Its aesthetic, functionality and texturized finish make it ideal for the mineral tendencies in design, creating pleasant atmospheres.

261 iseo

263 meteora

258 Calacatta

266 Pulpis


Water-proof MDF board coated on both sides with three layers of polyester priming and acrylic finish. In the silk finish it´s got a high resistance to scratch, a great final durability and silky touch. When the finish is shiny, after the last layer, it´s very carefully polished in two phases, leaving the piece very shiny, and with the warranty of a longer durability, as well as avoiding the yellowing of the passing of time.

0000 Blanco

1002 Piedra

2005 Beige mineral

0300 Roca

1011 Gris verdoso

1018 gris argento

1026 Grafito

1033 Negro

1060 verde eucalipto

2070 azul noche

2550 gris cálido

9134 Cava metalizado

9137 Ámbar metalizado

9142 Ocre metalizado

9146 Frambuesa metalizado


Being a natural material, it has differences in tone and structure. That´s why there will be variation in colour and composition. This is a symbol of authenticity of a natural product, but thanks to the exhaustive control of quality in the wood made by Gococi, these variations are minimized.

To reduce the possible damages derived from the natural fluctuations of the wood, we have developed a system of floating veneer. We have also substituted in most of them the acrylic varnish by water-based varnishes, whose qualities are totally equivalent but more eco-friendly.

Gococi has models in solid wood, coated ones over particles board, MDF or multilayers according to the models.

7205 Roble velado (Oak)

7219 Roble tabaco (Oak)

7223 Roble negro (Oak)

8000 Nogal transparente (Walnut)

8250 Roble tasmania (Oak)

8275 Palisandro (Palisander)

8206 Roble nudoso (Oak)

8271 Roble rift (Oak)

8212 roble hulla nudoso (Oak)

8182 roble hulla rift (Oak)