All the opening systems have a slow closing. This characteristic is being enhanced by the use of last generation dampers that, embedded in the module, reduce dramatically the noise and impact.


The last generation of hinges offers a major versatility for the installation of doors, with a 110º opening for a better accessibility to the interior of the furniture.

Some modules due to their characteristics come with special hinges of 170º, 45º, pusch, etc. Made completely of a metal with great resistance to corrosion, and also warranted to resist 200.000 cycles of openings and closings. The technology of these hinges allow a simple installation and a practical tridimensional adjustment.

They have an integrated damping system that makes the closing progressive, soft and quiet no matter the speed of closing or the size of the door. To ensure the highest quality of movement in small and light doors, the damping system can be deactivated, by simply sliding the tab inside the hinge.


Their new design puts into practice the present tendencies by means of thin sides in double-wall aluminium and straight format, which allows the best use of space. Technology helps the easy movement with strengths of minimum opening, uniform movement and integrated damping system which makes the closing softly and quietly.

The drawers can support up to 70 kg. and are available in several depths to adapt to the needs of the module. We also have the drawer of great capacity with a depth of 600 that increases to a great extent the storage space.

All the drawers of Gococi kitchens can be opened sliding them softly up to the maximum, making the most of the space and helping the vision and accessibility of the whole contents.
The possibility of using different finishes like aluminium and white, as well as the sides of the drawers in glass, helps the customisation of the kitchen according to different aesthetic preferences. As well as being able to make drawers and inward drawers with the same characteristics.

For the installation of fronts without handles, we can use assisted opening systems, mechanical or electrical.

The electro mechanic opening or closing activates by pressing the front gently where the electrical system is. The drawer is not attached rigidly to the opening system, so it can be stopped in any position during the opening or closing.

The electro mechanic opening offers more freedom in design, in combination with the damp- closing system which closes gently and quietly, give the movement a special quality and offer freedom in use and movement.

Horizontal opening systems

All the horizontal opening systems, no matter which one, are easy to use and silent by means of ergonomic movements that ensure a total access to the interior of the modules. Their opening angle can be limited.

All the Gococi horizontal opening systems for suspended modules allow the continuous stop. This system makes possible that the front doors stop in any position. They can be opened and closed easily by applying a minimum effort.

Thanks to the integrated damp-closing system, the light front doors the same as the heavy ones can be closed softly and quietly.


Our module with blinds stands out for its soft sliding and the quality of its materials. You can choose among different finishes, aluminium, glass or a coat in the same colour as the fronts in our collections.

The security glass can bear heavy weights and scratches. It seduces for its expressive and translucent aesthetic and the flatness of its surface, offering a harmonic and flat front.

In the installation on the worktop you can complete it with electric plugs, creating an ideal space to hold small electrical appliances.


We offer the possibility of adding the motion-assist electric system in all the horizontal opening systems for suspended modules. This helps the opening of the doors by pressing lightly any area of the front.

To close you only have to press the switch thoughtfully situated in the interior side of the module. We can synchronise up to three of these to make them move simultaneously.

On the other side, thanks to the”anti-collision” function, the opening equipment placed in corners can be adjusted in a way that only one front door can be opened.


They can be opened with a soft, uniform and swinging movement. With this type of fitting, hinges, used up to now for opening in combination with any other type of elevators, won´t be needed. Moreover, due to the strength made over these systems, it can provoke damage in the fronts.


The fronts of two doors fold in the middle while opening them, offering an excellent access to the interior of the module.

The intermediate hinge Clip- top with its innovative technique makes it impossible to trap the fingers between both doors.


Specially indicated when there is little space to open the doors. For wide fronts and only one door, the opening is made by vertical elevation parallel to the module.


Specially indicated for very wide fronts and an only door. The opening is made through a swinging of the door in a slanted way over the module.