The evolution of the package systems and the use of the latest technologies, give as a result furniture with more functionality and stability, characterized by its high quality.


The module is the sum of several elements whose assembly warranties the maximum solidity, resistance and durability. It´s the clue for a long lasting kitchen and the one that makes fittings and the rest of elements work properly.
Our modules are made of waterproof board. This is composed by wood particles ironed and glued with thermosetting pastes, covered on both sides with high-coat weight melamine and edged in ABS. By these means, we get a flat surface, waterproof and that will not deteriorate over time.

The vertical elements are of 16 mm thick, reinforcing the horizontal elements that support the major weight by rising its width up to 19 mm. This together with the anti- flexion vertical divisions for wider modules, give more stability and security.

They have the back with the same finish, separated a few centimetres from the wall to isolate the furniture from damp and help the hiding of the installations.
The sides of the furniture have different mechanisms, allowing the placing of the shelves in different heights, by means of metal holders with roll-over protection. Modifying the holder, the shelves can be optionally replaced by glass or stainless-steel ones.
Most of the wood Gococi uses to make the boards comes from the waste of the companies that transform the wood, such as unused little branches or recycling industries. This process contribute to the protection of the forests and the environment, since most of the wood waste is used and reused again to avoid cutting trees.
The bottom modules have legs fixed to the base of the furniture, in its back and side, what makes it much more stable.

The legs have a height adjuster at the bottom which allows an easy adjustment in situ and a perfect levelling of all the fittings.
The suspended modules are fixed on the sides with holders that can bear big weights. The holders are hidden for a more visual cleanliness of the module. The adjustments are made from the interior of the furniture with a small driller, being embellished with a metal lead.

For a longer durability of the delicate parts in the sink holders, fridge holders and aspiration modules, they are made in marine board.  Moreover, the modules which hold the electrical appliances are designed to ensure their right ventilation.